A fast, lightweight, secure and FREE user-friendly help desk software.

Better Customer Support
Cyber Telefonia help desk software receives, organizes, tracks and resolves customer support issues.
Easy To Use Manage IT
Easy-to-use tools to inventory, monitor, and troubleshoot your network, while supporting users.
Faster Response Time
Customers expect answers fast these days and Cyber Telefonia makes this possible for teams of all sizes.

You need IT answers. Get them here.

From the moment a help desk ticket enters your queue, you’re not just judged on your ability to resolve the issue, but also how fast you can make that happen.

With Web Help Desk, you no longer have to worry about manual ticket generation and the hassle of individually routing each ticket. Incident creation, technician task assignment, SLA alerts, escalations, and tracking every step of the response process—all of this happens automatically.

Call center software. Easily and quickly communicate with leads and customers.

All the benefits of enterprise call center software, without all the complexity.

Cyber Telefonia is an user-friendly call center software which makes it easy to make and take calls from clients, analyze them and optimize call campaigns in real-time.

Cyber Telefonia Call Center Integrations

Connect Cyber Telefonia with the applications you already use to personalize every customer interaction. With over 25 one-click integrations, you can connect your call center software to your existing tools to create a better customer experience.

Best Features

Meet Cyber Telefonia, a practical help desk and customer support software solution. Reduce chaos and bring order to your support process with a robust support ticket system.

Cloud Based

Let Cyber Telefonia do the heavy lifting of deployment, infrastructure maintenance and scaling.

Mobile Ready

Support your customers anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


Get a complete picture of your customer by connecting with your favourite business apps.

Secure & Safe

SSL enabled and encrypted by 256-bit AES algorithm.


Customize the look and feel of your help desk and maintain a cohesive brand experience.


Go global and support customers in more than 35 languages.

Added Benefits

The versatile Cyber Telefonia web-app provides dynamic, real-time access to your service desk through the convenience of virtually any webkit enabled mobile device such as Microsoft® Windows Mobile®, RIM® Blackberry®, and Apple® iPhone® devices.

Cyber Telefonia APIs offer multiple methods of integrating and extending your Web Help Desk functionality. Integrate easily with third-party applications through our RESTful API. Transactions can be formatted in JSON or XML. The Mail API offers seamless integrations through your current and common IMAP, POP, Exchange Web Services (EWS), and SMTP configurations.

Cyber Telefonia allows you to discover all your hardware and software assets by scheduling automated asset discovery. Keep your IT inventory up to date and track your hardware and software assignments automatically. You can also discover hardware and software inventory information including hostname, model, serial number, logged-in user, operating system, hard drive, memory, installed software, and more.




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